West University of Timisoara

As the largest higher education and research center in Western Romania, West University of Timisoara (WUT) has 11 faculties and a Teacher Training Department, 85 study programmes at Bachelor Level, 120 study programmes at Master level, and 19 Doctoral Schools. Out of these, over 20 Bachelor, Master and PhD study programmes are offered completely in English, French or German. Being a comprehensive higher education institution, with around 6% (around 1000) international students out of a total of 14028 (Bachelor- 10107, Master- 3361, PhD- 560), West University of Timişoara is constantly striving to create a substantially authentic, interdisciplinary and international environment for our yearly incoming cohorts of undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates.

For more information, visit https://www.uvt.ro/ro/

Nicolae Bibu, PhD

Professor, West University of Timisoara, has extensive experience and expertise in managing national and international projects, EU funded, too. He is teaching and researching in the field of management and entrepreneurship. Several of his master and doctoral students are being intensely active in cultural and creative industries through creating new ventures, both businesses and NGOs.

Mihai Lisetchi, PhD

Researcher and associate lecturer, West University of Timisoara (Romania), has extensive experience in the development of social economy organizations. He is involved in the study and research of social entrepreneurship, social enterprise, social economy, sharing economy and social innovation concepts and practice.