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TraCCE project!

We offer an open access training program on Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship
to foster the community of trainers and learners in the field of Cultural & Creative Industries.

There is limited emphasis being put on entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial skills for the Cultural & Creative Industries in Europe. Trainers as well as learners are lacking the necessary skills to realize their full potential as educational and creative human beings.

However, the Cultural & Creative Industries are of great significance for the social and cultural wellbeing of countries in the post-industrial world. At the same time those industries function as an engine for economic growth for European economies.

With TraCCE, we want to tackle those skill gaps and mismatches, both in formal higher education curricula as well as in vocational & informal adult education.
As an Erasmus+ financed, international, multi-stakeholder project, we are building a Training on Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship, in short: