The TraCCE project Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for the CCE training

With the TraCCE project, a blended learning course has been developed in the past few months.
Blended learning combines modern learning technologies with traditional learning methods: the traditional learning in presence and e-learning are brought together. Ideally, a blended learning course has the best of these two worlds.
For the e-learning part of TraCCE’s product, a virtual learning environment (VLE)was created. It includes different learning materials, such as presentations or speaker videos. In addition, the Train the Trainer Toolkit can also be found in the VLE.

All learners are welcome here and we are happy to have created a space where you can decide for yourself: 
  • To learn when it fits your schedule. 
  • To learn from a location that is comfortable for you. 
  • To learn at your own pace. 
  • To choose only the subjects that will help you advance.

Access the TraCCE virtual learning CCE training, here:




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